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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pink Pancakes!

MacGyver has been out of town all weekend taking care of some business up north (which will probably be featured in a different post), so Punky and I spent the weekend getting things done around the house.  For a minute there, I almost thought I was nesting.
I don't have to work today or tomorrow, since I took a couple days off to try to get things done around here and grab a little big of relaxation before our adorable little ball of sleep deprivation makes his appearance, so today I'm playing Stay at Home Mommy.

I've been a SAHM (sort of) before, when Punky was 4/5.  I wasn't really home all the time since that was my last year of law school and I spent the summer studying for the Bar, but it was pretty darn close to full o n SAHM, and MacGyver was working all the time.

I got to get up a little later than usual this morning (which is good because I haven't been able to sleep the last couple nights - I'm not sure if it's pregnancy related or just because MacGyver's away), then got up to put together breakfast and lunch.

On a constant mission to fit as many veggies into our diets as possible, this morning I opted to make my famous and loved Pink Pancakes.  I hadn't realized how long it has been since I last made them.  They're very simple to make - just regular whole grain pancake batter with pureed beets mixed in (I also like to throw in some ground flaxseed meal for good measure).  You put in enough beet puree to make a deep pink batter:
Because what kid wouldn't want to eat something that color?  Doesn't it look like some sort of yummy dessert?  Without an oz of artificial color.

Any you just cook them up like regular pancakes.  You can't taste the beets at all.  (Trust me on this, I hate beets.  I think they taste like dirt, but I recognize that they have a lot of nutritional value, and MacGyver and Punky like them.  So I'm all about serving them in ways where I can't taste them!)

One serving of veggies down.  With a little banana and a touch maple syrup as real as you can get (My dad tapped the trees and made it himself).

Then, I had a nice, leisurely morning.  I sat in the backyard amongst all our new sprouts (for the second growing season that's about to start!!), drank my tea, and read a ton on my
Nook.  Man, I love that thing.

I got some cleaning done in the kitchen and had just sat down to a nice lunch of extra veggie soup when Tonks decided to toss her cookies.  Three times.  At least only one of them was on the carpet.  Ugh.

You know, I'm due in two weeks, and am expecting a good few years of cleaning up all manner of bodily fluids and whatnot thereafter.  Can't the dogs just hold back on eating stupid, inedible crap and let me have these last couple weeks?  Lol.

Now, I just have 5 or 6 things left to get done on my list tonight (after yoga since I don't expect to be able to sleep anyway), and I'll feel like I actually accomplished something this weekend.

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Aug 26, 2010 11:02 AM